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AMI Portable Ground Power Units

Thank you for your interest in the AMI line of portable ground power units. 

Attached is a specification sheet for the various models we are currently shipping.  Three of the units are single units the AMI-1800, AMI-2400  and the AMI-2400-50.  The AMI-2400 and the AMI-2400-50 can also be coupled together with their respective counterpart via a parallel coupling cable which doubles the peak amp and amp hour output, making the AMI-4500 and the AMI-4500-100.  

AMI-1800 - This unit was designed to meet the needs of operators who have a requirement to carry portable ground power aboard the aircraft on a regular basis.  This unit is extremely powerful for its size and weight and can easily be loaded and carried aboard if required.

AMI-2400 - This unit is primarily for performing aircraft start functions and offers continuous power for shop requirements, yet is light and portable so that it can be carried aboard the aircraft should that be a requirement. The AMI-2400 comes standard with a cart for portability and ease of movement. The AMI-2400 has been used to start the following aircraft.  All the Beechcraft King Air models, Beechcraft 1900 series,  Cessna Caravan 208, Citation 500 and 550 series, DHC-6 Twin Otter Series,  Embrear Banderante 110.  PiperCheyenne series and Lear 20 series. 

Helicopters - Agusta series,Bell205, 206, 407, 222, 230, 430 series, Eurocopter AS350, EC120, BO105 and BK117 series. All Boeing/McDonald Douglas series helicopters.

AMI-2400-50 - The AMI-2400-50 provides the same 2400 peak amps as the AMI-2400 however offers 50 amps continuous power for shop or line applications that require additional continuous power. This unit is a good choice for turbo prop and turbine helicopters with EFIS such as Pilatus PC-12, King Air series, Eclipse 500, Bell 407 Eucocopter 135 and 145 helicopters and most other light turbine helicopter, turbo props and VLJ's with EFIS. 

AMI-4500 -Two AMI-2400’s in parallel, this configuration will give you 4500 peak amps with 50 amps of continuous power and a 160 amp hour rating.  The AMI-4500 is supplied with a parallel coupling cable and a DC to aircraft cable. These units can be used individually as two AMI-2400’s when one additional DC to aircraft cables is purchased as an option.  The AMI-4500 is the appropriate choice for large turbo props, mid sized turbo fan powered aircraft and large turbine helicopters. The AMI-4500 has been used on the following: Raytheon HS-125-800XP, Westwind,Brasilia 120, Lear 30 series and Lear 40 series airplanes, Agusta Westland AW139 and Sikorsky S76 series helicopters.

AMI-4500-100 - Is two AMI-2400-50’s in parallel, this configuration will give you 4500 peak amps with 100 amps of continuous power.  The AMI-4500 is supplied with a DC parallel coupling cable, and DC to aircraft cable. These units can be used individually as two AMI-2400-50’s with the addition of one DC to aircraft cable as an option.

All units can be used plugged into a 110 power outlets to provide continuous power for hanger or shop applications and to test aircraft systems and are ideal for GPS / FMS updates. The units are all equipped with a 110/220 auto switching power supply.  Because of the compact size and weight the units are Ideal for working at remote locations and can be carried easily inside and aircraft should that be a requirement. 


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