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Stocked Parts

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Below is a current list of the Stocking Parts that we keep on our shelves at all times for you.

These  are in addition to the parts we manufacture for you and your de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter.

If you can't find what you need here or at the Manufactured parts page please contact us

and we will gladly assist you in finding what you need. (updated 24 June 2013)

Part   Number

Part Description

2120 Air Vent Assy
2916 Crutch Tip
14480 Static Wick
18520 Bearing Cup
18590 Cone Bearing
20009 Exhaust Stub DHC-3T
21264 Leaf Actuator
39250 Bearing
51031 Mount
303100 Peri-Seal
390896 Coaxial Cable
801346 Gasket
1206080 Heater Jacket
05/08/7271 Circuit Breaker
15/08/7271 Circuit Breaker
02/11/7274 Breaker
3010880 Gasket
3011155 Transfer Tubes
3012526 Lever
3029565 Gasket
3031272 Gasket
5000728 Plunger Tee Bar
5003185 Washer
5008993 Brake Lining
9532709 Brake Disc
04407-2 Heater Element
04DU04 Bushing
05DU06 Bushing
05DU08 Bushing
066-10000 Lining
067-09700 Spacer-Outboard
06DU03 Bushing
06DU06 Bushing
06DU08 Bushing
07DU08 Bushing
088-01400 Insulator
08DU06 Bushing
08DU08 Bushing
08DU10 Bushing
08DU14 Bushing
09DU08 Bushing
1/8" THK X 0.230 WIDE Cork Tape
1/8" THK X 0.250"   WIDE Cork Tape
1/8" THK X 0.375 WIDE Cork Tape
1054-3 Fuel Cell
1055-3 Fuel Cell
12DU08 Bushng
12DU12 Bushing
139-20000 Piston Boot
14-19189-02 Blade-Refill
1456-573507 Ring
14-97500-17 Tie Rod End
14-99332-01 Blade-Wiper
14-99802-05 Arm-Drive
14DU06 Bushing
167-5 Lift Detector
16DU12 Bushing
16DU16 Bushing
1733-9 Jack
18DU12 Bushing
1TP65-5 Switch
1TP65-7 PTT Switch
20048S Clamp
205089-1 Pins
205206-1 Connector
20595-23-1683 Light Assy
2195-501 Reading Lamp Assy
22338-51A-680-100 Fitting Hold Down
2314M-22-23 Wiper Arm
2315M-7-3 Blade Assy
23S2099-1-1 De-Ice Boot, Wing L/H
23S2099-1-2 De-Ice Boot, Wing R/H
23S2099-50-1 De-Ice Boot Hor Stab L/H
23S2099-50-2 De-Ice Boot,Hor. Stab R/H
2452-064RET Retainer Barrel Nut
258-24050-1 Link
2700-6 Stud
27700-2 Nozzle
2B3102 Relay
2K-4047-2 Relay
2PB11 Switch
30-170 Brake Assy
3111764-01 C.T. Bolts
31-3078-5 Flasher Unit
313-500 Fuse .500A
3-1565-4-44-5 Hose
3-1565-6-76-5 Hose
372-4N Mount
38040-1 Fuel Cap
39412-20629 Cup Bearing
3M155-5 Nut Barrel
3M155-6 Nut Self Locking Barrel
4002-7 Stud
40402-071-1 Terminal Block
40456-11-144 Seat Track
420A-10 Brush
4B3104 Relay
527000A Scraper Ring
5998KIT Placard Kit 
5S3-1 Washer
601000-10D0144 Hose
601001-10D0085 Fuel Hose
601002-4-0135 Hose Assy
601002-4-0240 Hose
60-1755-5 Power Supply
71-060-5 Locking Key
71-093-9 Bushing
71-156-1 Lock Nut
71-166-1 Dust Ring
71-168-1 Teflon Ring
71-323-1 Friction Disc
7194-1 Cover
7351256-2 Body Mounting
7351257-7 Mount
7351257-9 Mount
7351260-1 Bumper Tube
7351261-1 Stud
757DC-WBX Cockpit Fan
841-206 24V Interior Cabin Fan
904701-1 Stretcher Racks Citation
A-3210 Filter
AA55487-2 Pin Lock
ADBDE4 Bearing
ADBYDE6-9 Bearing
ADNEDE4-1 Bearing
AE1007130J0315 Hose Fuel
AE700952-1 Hose Assy
AE7013107K0350 Hose 
AE7013131E0132 Fuel Hose
AE7013131K0356 Hose Assy
AN173-15A Bolt
AN174-10 Bolt
AN174-20 Bolt
AN24-10A Bolt
AN310-8 Nut
AN3-13A Bolt
AN3-14A Bolt
AN3155-50-25 Rheostat
AN316-4R Nut
AN316-6R Nut
AN316C5R Nut, Lock
AN3-17A Bolt
AN320-C8 Nut
AN3-4A Bolt
AN3-5 Bolt
AN3-50 Bolt
AN3-6A Bolt
AN3H4A Bolt
AN4-10A Bolt
AN4-11A Bolt
AN4-12A Bolt
AN4-13A Bolt
AN4-14 Bolt
AN4-14A Bolt
AN4-16A Bolt
AN4-17A Bolt
AN4-23A Bolt
AN4-24A Bolt
AN4-30A Bolt
AN4-31A Bolt
AN4-35A Bolt
AN4-7A Bolt
AN4H-20A Bolt
AN4H7A Bolt
AN501-10-10 Screw
AN525-10R10 Screw
AN525-10R22 Screw
AN525-10R24 Screw
AN525-416R10 Screw
AN525-416R11 Screw
AN525-416R12 Screw
AN525-416R14 Screw
AN525-416R22 Screw
AN525-416R8 Screw
AN525-832R7 Screw
AN526-1032R10 Screw
AN526-832R8 Screw
AN531-4R6 Screw
AN5-31A Bolt
AN5-40A Bolt
AN5-5A Bolt
AN565AC8H3 Set Screw
AN6-17A Bolt
AN6-20 Bolt
AN6204-1 Vavle Check
AN6235-1A Filter
AN6235-3A Filter Element
AN6-40A Bolt
AN6H6A Bolt
AN822-4D Elbow
AN837-4C Elbow
AN901-4A Gasket
AN960D416L Washer
AN960D516L Washer
AN970-3 Washer
AN970-4 Washer
AP6M166-R Red Light Indicator
APS110-1-00 Windshield L/H Birdproof
APS110-2-00 Windshield R/H Birdproof
APS110-4-00 Windshield Plexiglass
APS26 Sliding Window, L/H
APS27 Sliding Window, R/H
APS75-1 Window Fixed
APS75-2 Window Fixed
APS85-1-01 Cabin Window Outer 3mm
APS85-2-00 L/H Rear Cabin Door Window Outer
APS85-3 Window Outer Right Rear Door
APS85-4 Window Inner Right Rear Door
APS85-5 Panel Window Inner Clear
APS85-5-T Inner Window Tinted
APS85-7 Window Inner Left Rear Door
APS96 Landing Light Lens
APST57-32-01 Reveal Window
APST57-32-07 Cover R/H
APST57-32-10 Cover Trim Cables
APST57-32-16 Cover, Sensor Cut Out
APST57-32-17 Fairing
APST57-32-25 Cover Assy L/H
APST57-32-32 Rudder, Horn Fairing R/H
APST57-33-00 Fairing Frame Upper
APST57-34-01 Fairing Frame Center
APST57-37-00 #2 Ceiling Panel L/H Or R/H
APST57-38-00 #3 Ceiling Panel L/H Or R/H
APST57-44-00  Joiner Strip
APST57-44A-00 End Cap
APST57-44-KIT Joiner Kit
APST57-65-00 Fairing Assy, Duct L/H
APST57-66-00 Fairing Assy, Duct R/H
APST57-94-00 Duct Assy R/H Glairsheild
ASB8VDU Bearing
AW18SP15 Bearing
B3339 Propbolt
B542DD Bearing
C3CF452-3 Rod
C3F162-1 Retainer Door Hinge
C3FS211-3 Pin Hinge
C3FS2338-6 Lock Assy
C3FS340-2 Plate, Door Hinge
C3M65-21 Rudder Control Lock Assy
C4E1602-1 Spring
C5F1122-47 Tube Lower
C6CE1243-3 Cable
C6CE1244-3 Cable Assy
C6CE1246-3 Cable
C6CE1261-1 Cable
C6CE1336-3 Cable
C6CEM1395-3 Lever Assy
C6CF1066-3 Cable
C6CF1067-1 Cable Assy
C6CF1196-1 End Plate
C6CF1214-2 Lever
C6CF1251-3 Cable
C6CF1469-1 Cable
C6CF1469-3 Cable
C6CFM1081-1 Bellcrank
C6CFM1089-27 Fork Pulley Mount
C6CFM1181-1 Bolt
C6CT1026-1 Cable
C6CW1085-1 Rod O/B P/P
C6CWM1038-31 Lever
C6CWM1043-27 Pin Rod
C6CWM1071-27 Bushing
C6CWM1072-27 Roller
C6E1027-1 Duct Assy - Generator Cooling
C6E1029-65 Pipe Assy Drain
C6E1060-3 Bracket
C6E1062-1 Pipe Assy
C6E1080-3 Bracket
C6EC1011-67 Cowl Hook
C6FF1851-3 Fairing
C6FF2227-27 Tube
C6FF2370-2 Rh Executive Seat
C6FS1203-40 Stringer, R/H #7
C6FS1203-59 Stringer L/H #5
C6FS1203-60 Stringer, R/H #5
C6FS1203-61 Stringer L/H #4
C6FS1203-62 Stringer, R/H #4
C6FS1203-73 Air Scoop Doubler
C6FS1215-27 Strap
C6FS1215-33 Strap
C6FS1217-47 Angle
C6FS1217-50 Channel
C6FS1224-31 Angle, Aft Side L/H
C6FS1268-31 Bracket, L/H
C6FS1268-32 Bracket, R/H
C6FS1275-29 Doubler
C6FS1837-3 Rudder Stop Assy
C6FS1837-5 Stop
C6FS1837-7 Stop Assy Aft Fuse
C6FS1837-9 Rudder Stop Assy
C6FS2221-1 L/H Window Clamp
C6FS2221-2 R/H Window Clamp
C6FS2287-1 Cover Assy - L/H (Pre Mod 6/1536)
C6FS2740-27 Cover
C6FSM1521-27 Bushing
C6FSM1522-31 Bushing MLG
C6FSM2699-27 Guide Block Airstair
C6PE1026-57 Tube Assy Drain
C6SC1025-5 Bolt
C6SC1100-1 Dipstick
C6SC1107-3AWL Exhaust Stack R/H
C6TE1051-35 Arm
C6TE1054-27 Hinge
C6TR1026-29 Hinge Half
C6TR1026-31 Hinge Half
C6TR1026-33 Hinge Arm
C6TR1026-35 Hinge Half
C6U1103-39 Seal
C6U1156-27 Washer Shim
C6UM1124-27 Sleeve
C6UM1124-29 Sleeve
C6UM1129-27 Bushing
C6UM1130-27 Link Pre Mod
C6UM1131-27 Washer
C6UM1133-29 Sleeve
C6UM1161-27 Washer
C6VF1098-1 Insulated Blanket
C6W1009-27 Shim
C6WA1116-29SP Hinge Pin
C6WF1208-31 Arm, Centre Hinge, Trailing Flap
C6WF1210-45 Rib
C6WF1210-46 Rib
C6WM1401-29 Bushing
C6WM1401-29 Bushing
C6WM1411-27 Bolt
C6WM1515-29 Bushing, Eng. Mount
C6Z2137-32 Leading Edge Elevator
CA1838-1 Hose Breather
CA4731 Carbon Block
CCA1550 Drain Valve
CCA4850 Valve 
CCR264SS-3-2 Rivet
CH34055 Ignitor
CR3213-4-02 Cherry Max
CR3213-4-1 Rivet Cherry
CR3213-5-2 Rivet
CR3242-4-3 Rivet
CR3242-4-4 Cherry Rivet
CR3242-5-3 Cherry Rivet
CR3242-5-4 Cherry Rivet
CR9126-3-02 Rivet
CSP22-7 Data Plate
CSP282-29 Bolt-Special Eng. Mount
CSP342-1 Serrated Washer
CSP423-1 Mod Plug
CV465 Floor Rail
CVR109 Seal
CVR25 Rubber Seal
CVR25-1 Seal
CVR28-1 Seal
CVR37 Seal
CVR40 Seal
CVR41-3 Rubber Seal
CVR44-3 Seal
DAS4-14A Bearing
DHC60161-29 Housing
DSC2-3 Bearing
DSC2-5 Bearing
DSC2-6 Bearing
DSC2-8 Bearing
DSC3-4 Bearing
DSC3-4-7 Bearing
DSC3-6-9 Bearing
DSC3-8CRP Bearing
DSC4-3 Bearing
DSC6-5 Bearing
DSC8-5 Bearing, Flap Link & Ski Link
FBE18S22DE Bushing
FLX1001-24-0068-06 Duct
FSSE3DA Bearing
GWA182-5 Washer
H38-064-500 Latch
HC-B3TN-3D/T10282 Propeller
HLT428-6-9 Hilock
HLT626-6-6 Hi-Lok
J12866-3 Bumper, Alt. For 71-129-9
JRA-763-3 Cylinder Assy
JV26 Actuator
KX5-1-16 Micro Switch
LHSSE-4DE Bearing
M16878/5-BGE-9 Wire, White
M30010-1026 Starter Generator Brushes
M83248-1-009KIT O-Ring Kit
M83248-1-908 Packing
MS14145L6 Nut
MS16562-46 Pin
MS17825-8 Lock Nut
MS19060-4810 Ball Bearing
MS20002C6 Washer
MS20253P1-3150 Pin Hinge
MS20253P2-7200 Hinge Pin
MS20392-1-C75 Clevis Pin
MS20392-2C21 Pin
MS20470AD6-12 Rivet
MS20470DD8-9 Solid Rivets
MS20819-3J Coupliing
MS21042-3 Nut
MS21042-4 Nut
MS21042-5 Nut
MS21042L04 Nut
MS21042-L08 Nut
MS21042L3 Nut
MS21042L4 Nut
MS21044N08 Nut
MS21044N3 Nut
MS21044N4 Nut
MS21045-6 Nut
MS21083N4 Nut
MS21083N8 Nut
MS21151-8 Bearing
MS21151-8 Bearing
MS21209F4-20 Heli-Coil Insert
MS21209F5-20 Heli-Coil Insert
MS21250-05014 Bolt
MS21250-05016 Bolt
MS21250-05020 Bolt
MS21250-05022 Bolt
MS21250-05024 Bolt
MS21250-05036 Bolt
MS21250-05054 Bolt
MS21250-06006 Bolt
MS21250-06016 Bolt
MS21250-06022 Bolt
MS21250-06040 Bolt
MS21250-06042 Bolt
MS21250-06080 Bolts
MS21256-2 Clip
MS21259-5RH Swaged Terminal
MS21259-6RH Terminal
MS21919WDG12 Clamp
MS24166-D1 Relay 50Amp SPST
MS24171-D1 Relay 200Amp SPST
MS24172-D1 Relay
MS24187-D1 Relay
MS24659-24E Switch
MS24665-138 Cotter Pin
MS24665-151 Cotter Pin
MS24665-153 Cotter Pin
MS24665-162 Cotter Pin
MS24665-216 Cotter Pin
MS24665-24 Cotter Pin
MS24665-285 Cotter Pin
MS24665-300 Cotter Pin
MS24665-306 Cotter Pin
MS24665-319 Cotter Pin
MS24693S7 Screw
MS24694S100 Screws
MS24694S111 Screw
MS25036-106 Terminal
MS25082-3 Nuts
MS25083-2AC5 Jumper
MS25083-2AC6 Jumper
MS25083-2BB4 Bonding Jumper
MS25083-2BB6 Rebound Jumper
MS25083-2BC3 Jumper
MS25083-2BD3 Jumper
MS25083-2BD9 Jumper
MS27640-4 Bearing
MS27641-4 Bearing
MS27641-8 Bearing
MS27643-5 Bearing
MS27646-38 Bearing
MS27646-40 Bearing
MS27646-41 Bearing
MS28774-137 Ring Retainer
MS28775-234 O-Ring
MS28893C4-1950 Valve Pressure Relief
MS29513-024 O Ring
MS29513-210 Packing
MS29513-220 O-Ring
MS29513-333 Packing
MS3106R10SL-4S Cannon Plug
MS3367-1-9 Ty-Rap
MS3367-2-9 Ty-Rap
MS35058-23 Switch
MS35058-24 Switch Toggle
MS35059-23 Switch
MS35206-229 Screw
MS35206-233 Screw
MS35206-244 Screw
MS35207-213 Screw
MS35207-259 Screw
MS35266-62 Screw
MS35275-241 Screw, Locking
MS35333-44 Washer
MS51861-14 Screw
MS90120-2B01 Knob
MS91587-2 Shunt
MSSE3DBB Bearing
NAS1149C0432R Washer
NAS1149C0832R Washer
NAS1149D0316H Washer
NAS1149D0416J Washer
NAS1149D0463H Washer
NAS1149D0463J Washer
NAS1149D0863H Washer
NAS1149DN416H Washer
NAS1149DN632H Washer
NAS1149DN632H Washer
NAS1149DN816K Washer
NAS1149F0332P Washer
NAS1149F0432P Washer
NAS1149F0463P Washer
NAS1149F0663P Washer
NAS1149F0863P Washer
NAS1330A3K116 Rivnut
NAS1354S7S05D Pin Quick Release
NAS1523-3Y Seal Nitrile
NAS305R34-4201 Cable
NAS305R35-4266 Stainless Cable
NAS312-17-0480 Cable
NAS336CA12 Bolt
NAS336CPA12 Bolt
NAS464P8LA53 Bolt
NAS509-4 Nut
NAS561PF4-16 Pin Spring Coiled
NAS6203-10 Bolt
NAS6204-4 Bolt
NAS6603-3 Bolt Shear
NAS679A4 Nut Plate
NAS679A6 Nut Plate
NAS680A3 Nut Plate
NAS75-11-013 Bushing
NAS75-11-026 Bushing
P-1010 Filter
P-1011 Filter
P-1022 Filter
PC-315-B89-1 Connector
PD-30 Cap Plugs
PD-40 Cap Plugs 1/4
PD-60 Cap Plug 3/8
PDM17343-62-300 Fire Dectector
PDM17343-62-300 Fire Dectector
PDM3-1565-4-72-5 Hose De-Ice
PDM3-1565-4-72-5 Hose De-Ice
PDM3-1565-6-144-5 Hose De-Ice
PDM3-1565-6-64-5 Hose De-Ice
PDM3-1565-6-96-5 Hose De-Ice
PDM68-503 Packing
PDM71-169-1 Bushing
PDM71-311-9 Shim
PDM71-325-1 Washer
PDM7331FTE-987-4780 Ring GT
PDM7336MTE-987-4780 Ring GT
PDM7336MTE-987-4780 Ring GT
PDM801346 Gasket
PDMC3FF407-7 Spring Assy Seat
PDMC4BM1846-3 Bushing
PDMC6CE1398-1 Rod Assy
PDMC6CE1398-3 Rod Assy
PDMC6CWM1072-27 Flap Roller
PDMC6E1017-29 Beta Slide Actuator
PDMC6ECM1051-27 Bushing
PDMC6ECM1051-29 Sleeve
PDMC6FS3686-3 Cable
PDMC6FS3686-5 Airstair Door Cable
PDMC6FSM1734-1 Hinge
PDMC6FSM2443-27 Bushing
PDMC6FSM2443-31 Bushing
PDMC6FSM2443-33 Bushing
PDMC6FSM2443-35 Bushing
PDMC6FSM2587-27 Bushing
PDMC6PF1054-27 Dust Cover
PDMC6PF1054-27 Dust Cover
PDMC6PF1152-1 Tube Assy
PDMC6PF1157-33 Flapper Pad
PDMC6PF1166-3 Pressure Switch
PDMC6VF1096-3 Insulation Blanket
PDMC6VF1096-5 Insulation Blanket
PDMC6VF1096-7 Insulation Blanket
PDMC6VF1097-1 Insulation Blanket
PDMC6VF1100-1 Insulation Blanket
PDMC6WM1099-27 Bolt
PDMC6WM1101-27 Bolt
PDMC6WM1411-27 Wing Bolt
PDMC6WM1411-29 Bolt
PDMC6WM1741-27 Wing Pin
PDMCSP282-29 Bolt
PH506DH Pitot Tube
PLT110-6-5 Jo Bolt
PT6/100 HR 100 Hour Kit
R14S143 Solenoid
R20702-2 Gasket
RA18-D Connector
RTO-300-1 Sunvisor System Complete Monorail
RW20V101 Resistor
SA4-16A Bearing
SB22 Crutch Tip
SD12549-1 Box Wrench
SHOCK CORD 1/4" DIA Type 1 Mil-C-5651
SM4-6D1 Bearing, Elevator & Aileron  Control
SM4-6T47 Bearing
SRES18 Wrench 9/16 Hex
STC 008 Nose Wheel Kit
TR764-03 Valve
TRB613 Race
U174/U Connector
VLR1 Actuator
VR1010-24-2A Voltage Regulator
W31X2M1G30 Circuit Breaker
WBA-5M Junction Box 5 Jack


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